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The best approaches and protocols 
to combat cancer & reduce risks

Immunotherapy is a category of treatment that enhances one's own immune system to ward off abnormal or mutated cells. It is a therapy that works to harness and heighten the natural powers of one's immune system to work against the disease by enabling it to target, recognise and get rid of abnormal cells in the body. These abnormal cells also include cancer cells. Hence, immunotherapy is an alternative approach to combat cancer without harming the healthy normal cells.

✔ Selectively targets all types of cancer cells without effecting health cells

✔ Reconstitutes the immune system after hazardous treatments such as chemotherapy

✔ Replenishes beneficial immune cells at old age

Image by Julia Koblitz

Stem cell derived exosomes are nano-sized (30-150nm) particles and contain numerous proteins, enzyme and genetic material that involved in cellular communication, cell growth, tissue regeneration, and metabolism.

Role of Exosomes in different tissues and their potential use in human diseases

✔ Treats pain and mobility problems

✔ Improves arthritis and joint inflammation

✔ Cellular function, response, repair

✔ Well-tolerated by immune system

✔ Avoid cellular degradation

Exosomes - Benefits (Aesthetics)

When Exosomes enter the skin, they can automatically release nutrients, continuously improve the cell environment, and repair skin problems.

✔ Anti-ageing and produce fairer skin

✔ Non-invasive and non-surgical

✔ Help with hair loss or dry hair

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