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Our mission is to improve the health of our communities by providing a high level of preventive care.



Embrace change, encourage invention and continually remain at the forefront of advances in health care for the good of our patients.


Demonstrate caring and sensitivity for the diverse backgrounds of our patients and doctors and generosity in our communities.



Adhere to high ethical and professional standards, demonstrating commitment to our responsibilities with trust, honesty and respect for all.

Recently, Regena was established in Malaysia along with vigorous collaboration with both public and private higher educational institutes and research centers to advance the frontiers of knowledge and stimulate both innovation and economic growth. Regena now conducts its operations Germany, China, South Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore. We emphasize collaboration with reputable research institute and medical centers as a cornerstone of our strategy.

✔ Involved in your care and treatment choices

✔ Feel welcomed, relaxed and cared

✔ Appreciate the well qualified, experienced team

Our Laboratory

CGMP Grade Laboratory

This facility consists of three Grade B cleanrooms which are supported by Grade C and D areas. The cleanrooms are equipped with fully-validated equipment including but not limited to CO2 incubators, biological safety cabinets, fridge/freezer, centrifuge and microscope and are capable of clinical-grade manufacturing of tissue-engineered products. The facility is custom-designed with validated HEPA air system from 3 dedicated Air Handling Units (AHU). The laboratory is certified as an ISO 14644 compliant cleanroom and is recertified on an annual basis. It has also been audited by the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (Malaysia) and has been confirmed that the facility conforms to the requirements of PIC/S GMP Guides and its relevant Annexes.

Contact Us


+6019-338 2726 (WhatsApp Us)


Everyday: 9am to 7pm

(On appointment basis only)


Lot 1243, Unit A, Ground Floor, Batu 4,

Jalan Hulu Klang, Kuala Ampang, 55000 KL.


+65-6829 5445 (WhatsApp Us)


Everyday: 9am to 5pm
On appointment basis only)


101, Thomson Road #06-06,

United Square, Singapore 307591

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